The Prehistoric Society

Switch to CUP as publisher

As many of you may be aware, the Society has been in negotiation with a number of publishers regarding publication of PPS. Following an exhaustive comparison process we have decided to partner with Cambridge University Press from January 2013. We are delighted to be partnering with CUP, and are confident that you will be too.

It was the decision of Council that CUP best appreciates our unique history and is very sympathetic to our requirements. Indeed, CUP already manages a number of other related archaeological journal titles.PPS will be available in both print and electronic formats on Cambridge Journals Online and back copies (including PPS East Anglia) are currently being digitised as part of the Cambridge Journals Digital Archive. These will all be available to members for no extra fee and are expected to become available, in batches, from January 1 2013. The electronic version of PPS from 2013 will allow us to publish in full colour on that medium, and be available in FirstView form prior to publication of the hard copy volume. This means that, once an article has been accepted for publication, it will be made available electronically straight away, and will therefore appear prior to the publication of the hard copy version (whose distribution date will remain December each year). The hard copy version of each article will be identical to the online version except that illustrations will not normally be printed in colour.

As part of the switch to CUP, we have decided that it is time to update our journal cover and will be moving to a more colourful design, in keeping with CUP's other titles. Be assured that the quality of the journal will remain unchanged and we retain editorial and copyright control. PAST will also be slightly rebranded and will become a full colour, 16 page, publication.

As far as individual membership goes, all will remain the same: Tessa Machling will still be the main contact for the Society and will continue to handle all individual membership payments. Institutional subscriptions (with a small number of exceptions, already contacted) will be handled by CUP. Individual subscriptions for 2013 will be at the same rate as for 2012.

We are very excited about the new partnership and feel it will offer many benefits to our members. We will be in touch with more information – especially as regards granting access to the online versions – as we move through the transition process.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Tessa on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).