The Prehistoric Society

Grand Days Out 2015

This year we have trips to:


- The ‘People of the Heath’ excavations, led by Dr. Stuart Needham on Wed. 17th June 2015, 11am: Petersfield, Hampshire.


- Caerau Hillfort excavations, led by Dr Niall Sharples on Sat.11th July 2015, 11am: Cardiff.


- The excavations at Vale of Pewsey, led by Dr. Jim Leary (University of Reading) on Sun. 12th July 2015, 2pm: Marden henge, Wiltshire 


- The excavations at West Kennet, Wiltshire, led by Dr. Joshua Pollard (University of Southampton) on Sun. 2nd Aug 2015, 2pm: Marlborough, Wiltshire


- The excavations at Must Farm on Sat 17th Oct 2015


For further details and booking information please see the attached document