The Prehistoric Society

Rivers of Bronze: the eastern fens of East Anglia in the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age (Joint PS/Cambridge Antiquarian Society lecture), Monday 1st October 2018, 6pm.

Dr Robert Wiseman

The archaeology of the eastern fens of East Anglia has not received the attention of their internationally famous western counterparts. In this talk, Rob Wiseman will present initial findings from a Durham University project, aimed at drawing together the archaeological evidence from this part of East Anglia. He will focus on the 'Great Divide': the transition from the Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age, which saw the near-complete disappearance of bronze metalwork around 800BC, and a significant shift in Britain's climate. Rob will present findings from the 100+ excavations that have been conducted across the eastern fens as well as the vast quantity of prehistoric metalwork reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme. He will also outline new insights from this evidence, including  travel routes across East Anglia in late prehistory, the development of regional groupings, the fate of bronze metalwork, and prehistoric responses to the longest cold period since the last ice age.