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PAST 95, Summer 2020

PAST 94, Spring 2020

PAST 93, Autumn 2019

The Poole Iron Age logboat

J Berry, D Parham & C Appelby (eds)
Reviewed by Michael Bamforth , Research Associate, University of York; Honorary Research Fellow, University of Sheffield (October 2019)

PAST 92, Summer 2019

PAST 91, Spring 2019

Clive Gamble

PAST 90, Autumn 2018

NEW research volumes

PAST 89, Summer 2018

Scythians: Warriors of ancient Siberia

St John Simpson and S Pankova
Reviewed by Liliana Janik & Simon Kaner , University of Cambridge & Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures and University of East Anglia (April 2018)

PAST 88, Spring 2018

Written in Stone

R Shaffrey (eds)
Reviewed by Roy Loveday , Honorary Research Fellow, Univ of Leicester (December 2017)

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