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Piece Offerings: the Destruction and Deposition of Metalwork in Bronze Age Britain

Joint Cornwall Archaeological Society lecture
Dr Matthew G. Knight (National Museums Scotland)

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Early China and Prehistoric Silk Routes

Global Pasts lecture
Prof. Li Zhang, Zhengzhou University, China

The Silk Routes were one of the most marvellous phenomena in Eurasian history. Over them flowed a huge number and variety of artefacts and customs between China and various parts of the vast Eurasian continent. There has recently been a growing number of striking archaeological discoveries which have demonstrated the existence of such long-distance interactions stretching back several millennia, even to the prehistoric period. These connections between China and the Steppe, Central Asia and even further to the west can very well be called “prehistoric silk routes.”

What was transmitted along the prehistoric silk routes? How was early China incorporated into the far-flung network? To what extent did different societies in early China shape the interactions along the prehistoric silk routes? This talk, incorporating the most up-to-date archaeological discoveries featuring the Chinese side, illustrates the puzzle of interactions between different societies of China and other parts of Eurasia, along the prehistoric silk routes.

Lecturer Bio:

Li Zhang (Li Jaang) is Associate Professor of archaeology at Zhengzhou University, China.  Her major field of research is art and archaeology of prehistoric and Bronze Age China. She focuses on the emergence, transformation and making of early complex societies in a global perspective, as well as the art and archaeology of China’s participation in the Eurasian network during the Bronze Age.

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Connecting tools and materials in the Dutch Late Neolithic through use-wear analysis and experiments

Joint Society of Antiquaries of Scotland lecture
Prof. Annelou van Gijn (Leiden University)

Archaeological artefacts are frequently studied in isolation and not as part of a toolkit. This lecture will show how a combination of use-wear analysis and experimental archaeology reveals the interconnectivities between different tools and activities, showing details about past human life that otherwise remain hidden. The results of a new project on the daily life of the inhabitants of the Rhine/Meuse delta during the Late Neolithic Vlaardingen period will be presented as an illustration (www.puttinglife.com)

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Cotswold-Severn long barrows in the light of recent work

Joint Devon Archaeological Society event
Professor Timothy Darvill, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, Bournemouth University

The rich collection of Neolithic long barrows on the Cotswolds and in surrounding areas have been subject to study and excavation for more than three centuries, but few have been examined in modern times. This lecture looks at the history of study and widely held understandings of this fascinating group of monuments in the light of on-going excavations at the Sisters Long Barrow near Cirencester.

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