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Tracing culinary traditions in prehistoric East and Central Asia

Global Pasts lecture
Dr Shinya Shoda (University of York)

In this talk, Dr Shinya Shoda will present the regional aspects of diet and culinary traditions in prehistoric East and Central Asia that are becoming clearer, based on case studies of lipid residue analysis that have been carried out by Dr Shoda and colleagues.

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‘Rewilding’ later prehistory: Archaeological wildlife and its role in contemporary nature recovery

Annual joint lecture with CAS
Dr Anwen Cooper (Oxford Archaeology)

This talk will present initial findings from the UKRI-funded ‘Rewilding’ later prehistory project a collaboration between Oxford Archaeology, the Universities of Oxford, Exeter and York, Centre for Ancient Genomics, Toulouse, Historic England and Knepp Castle Estate.

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Vietnam’s Role in Understanding Social and Economic Change in Mainland Southeast Asia from c. 5000 – 3500 BP

Global Pasts lecture
Prof Philip Piper (Australian National University)

In this presentation I will discuss recent research on archaeological settlement sites in Vietnam that have provided important new insights into the emergence of what is commonly referred to as the ‘Neolithic’ in Vietnam.

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Mesolithic catastrophe: the impact of the Storegga Slide tsunami on the Mesolithic population of Britain

Annual joint lecture with Soc. Ant. Scot.
Dr Clive Waddington (Archaeological Research Services Ltd)

This paper will explore these events and their impact on the Mesolithic population with specific reference to several sites, including Howick and Low Hauxley, as case studies. 


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