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Recent Advances in our understanding of the Neolithic in North-West and South-West England

Annual joint lecture with Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society
Dr Gill Hey (University of Oxford) and Dr Jodie Lewis (Bradford University)
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Un-Erasing the Indigenous Paleolithic: Re-Writing the Ancient Past of the Western Hemisphere (the Americas)

Global Pasts lecture
Dr Paulette Steeves (Algoma University)

In the Americas, the deep Indigenous past prior to 12,000 years before the present has been aggressively denied by American anthropologists for over a century. Anthropologists’ denial of the deep Indigenous past of the Americas, has cleaved Indigenous people’s links to their homeland and created them as recent immigrants to the Americas, on a global scale of human history.

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Excavations at Star Carr 2004-15: New insight into an old site

Annual joint lecture with Cambridge Antiquarian Society
Dr Chantal Connellar (Newcastle University)

Star Carr has dominated our understanding of the British Mesolithic. Since its excavation by Grahame Clark between 1949 and 1951 it has been subject to extensive debate and reinterpretation. These led to new questions for the site that could only be addressed through excavation.

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‘A Very Special Place’: Exploring Prehistoric Landscapes in southeast India

Global Pasts lecture
Shanti Pappu (Sharma Centre for Heritage Education, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India & Visiting Professor, SIAS, Krea University, Sri City, India) and Kuma

The South Asian Palaeolithic record has a long history of research, with a rich body of information on site contexts and palaeoenvironments, yet marked by sparser information on chronological controls, technological variability and inferences on past behaviour.  We discuss recent debates in Palaeolithic studies in India focusing on nomenclatures and issues related to population migrations, technological convergence and debates on cultural evolutionary trajectories.

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