Un-Erasing the Indigenous Paleolithic: Re-Writing the Ancient Past of the Western Hemisphere (the Americas)

Global Pasts lecture
Dr Paulette Steeves (Algoma University)
A woman in a hat examining layers in a small cliff


In the Americas, the deep Indigenous past prior to 12,000 years before the present has been aggressively denied by American anthropologists for over a century. Anthropologists’ denial of the deep Indigenous past of the Americas, has cleaved Indigenous people’s links to their homeland and created them as recent immigrants to the Americas, on a global scale of human history. Dr Steeves has listed over 500 pre-11,200 YBP archaeological sites in a database of Pleistocene ages archaeological sites in North and South America that meet or exceed the scientific criteria for a legitimate archaeological site. Based on her research and the published data of hundreds of pre-11,200 years before present archaeological sites, oral traditions, environmental evidence and paleo mammalian migrations, DR Steeves will argue that people have been in the Western Hemisphere for over 130,000 years.