Book reviews

The Prehistoric Society provides reviews of recently published books on all areas of prehistory. We handpick experts on relevant fields to produce thoughtful reviews that summarise content and present individual perspectives on new publications.

We also accept proposals for reviews. Please get in touch with our Reviews Editor via if you’d like to discuss an idea for a review. Guidelines for reviews can be found below.

A welsh landscape through time: Excavations at Parc Cybi, Holy Island, Anglesey
J Kenney, with F Lynch & A Davidson
Reviewed by Daniela Hofmann (Bergen University)
Beacons in the landscape: The hillforts of England, Wales and the Isle of Man
I brown
Reviewed by Mark Bowden
Crossing the Alps: Early Urbanism Between Northern Italy and Central Europe (900–400 BC)
Edited By Lorenzo Zamboni, Manuel Fernández-Götz and Carola Metzner-Nebelsick
Reviewed by Colin Haselgrove (University of Leicester)
Tripolye Typo-Chronology. Mega and Smaller Sites in the Sinyukha River Basin
Liudmila Shatilo
Reviewed by John Chapman (Independent scholar)
Bronze Age worlds: a social prehistory of Britain and Ireland
R. Johnston
Reviewed by Steven Matthews (German Archaeological Institute (DE) / Groningen Institute of Archaeology, University of Groningen (NL))
Die Neolitisches tellsiedlung in Gălăbnik
J. Pavuk and A. Bakamska
Reviewed by John Chapman (Independent scholar)
First Farmers of the Carpathian Basin: Changing Patterns in Subsistence, Ritual and Monumental Figurines
Eszter Bánffy
Reviewed by John Chapman (Independent scholar)
Iron Age fortification beside the River Lark: Excavations at Mildenhall, Suffolk
T. Harvard, M. Alexander and R. Holt
Reviewed by Helen Chittock (AOC Archaeology)
Pattern and process: Landscape prehistories from Whittlesey Brick Pits: the King's Dyke & Bradley Fen excavations 1998–2004
M. Knight and M. Brudenell
Reviewed by Nigel Brown
Indigenous heritage and rock art: Worldwide research in memory of Daniel Arsenault
Edited by C. Charette, A. Mazel and G. Nash
Reviewed by Kenneth Lymer (Independent Scholar)
Timeline: The Archaeology of the south Wales gas pipeline
T. Darvill, A. David, S. Griffiths, J. Hart, H. James, K. Murphy and J. Rackham
Reviewed by Elizabeth A. Walker (Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales)
Chalk Hill: Neolithic and Bronze Age discoveries at Ramsgate, Kent
P. Clark, J. Shand and J. Weekes
Reviewed by Al Oswald (PhD candidate at the University of York)
Kindred: Neanderthal life, love, death and art
R. Wragg Sykes
Reviewed by James Cole (University of Brighton)
Stonehenge for the ancestors. Part 1: Landscape and monuments
M. Parker Pearson, J. Pollard, C. Richards, J. Thomas, C. Tilley and K. Welham
Reviewed by Phil Harding (Wessex Archaeology)
The horse butchery site: A high resolution record of Lower Palaeo. hominin behaviour at Boxgrove, UK
Edited by M. Pope, S. A Parfitt and M. B Roberts
Reviewed by Francis Wenban-Smith (University of Southampton)
The Ness of Brodgar: As it stands
Edited by N. Card, M. Edmonds and A. Mitchell
Reviewed by Susa Greaney (Cardiff University/ English Heritage)
Aspects of the Bronze Age in the Atlantic Archipelago and Beyond: Proceedings from the Belfast Bronze Age Forum, 9–10 November 2013
Edited by D. Brandherm
Reviewed by Juan Latorre-Ruiz (Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford)
Making one's way in the world: the footprints and trackways of prehistoric people
M. Bell
Reviewed by Michael Bamforth (Research Associate, University of York Honorary; Research Fellow, University of Sheffield)
Rectory Farm, Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire: Excavations 1988–95, Neolithic monument to Roman villa farm
A. Lyons
Reviewed by Roy Loveday (Honorary Research Fellow, School of Arch and Ancient History, University of Leicester)
Ceremonial living in the 3rd millennium BC: Excavations at Ringlemere site M1, Kent 2002-6
K. Parfitt and S. Needham
Reviewed by Susan Greaney (Cardiff University/ English Heritage)